"There's not a day that goes by I don't regret having left you."



Oh noes! Watch out little ship! Friend Nealwhale thinks you look delicious! “Omnomnomnom.”

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Headcanon: Past Hook (who still wants to revenge Rumple) hostaged the present Hook. Take his place by changing clothes and pretends to be the present Hook towards Emma. Only so he could go back with Emma to the present days in StoryBrooke to revenge Rumple. He would be the new villain of S4.


If only, if only…



They keep saying things like “We love(d) Neal.” “We love(d) MRJ” If you love(d) him so damn much why did you kill him? And how come it took so long to be totally clear? I still say nothing about this makes sense. Not on the show and not behind the scenes.

Also if I see them say one more time…

Hold the phone, I just realized something...


I saw an interview before Season 3 first aired, with MJR talking about where his character was going this season.

MJR talked about how when A&E first sat down with him they outlined Neal/Baelfire’s entire arc for Season 2. They told him exactly how it would play out. But in Season 3 he didn’t…



okay here’s the thing. i don’t have a problem with a show portraying characters that fuck up. i don’t have a problems with a show portraying a character that’s violent, or lacks remorse, or is vengeful. i don’t have a problem with redemption arcs of those characters. those can be good, wonderful,…






Holy crap…

Holy shit!

OUAT’s casting department has to have a cloning lab in their basement. 

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ABC television is getting a new president next year, a guy named Ben Sherwood, who is also a published novelist. He is spending this year shadowing the current president and learning the job. Considering this guy is not only a businessman but a storyteller himself, I'm praying he lays the smackdown on A&E big time for turning a onetime ratings powerhouse into a sloppy, expensive fanfic mess that loses viewers every week.


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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I'm sorry but excuse me. Have haters like you considered that the directors asked jmo to switch the ring to a different finger? In front of the fans? And maybe special effects will be doing something special to jmos dress during post production? Haters like you make me sick.



Thank you anon, I really needed that laugh. Nothing like a good pile of conentrated stupidity to brighten my day!

But be careful please, you’re gonna lose an arm if you keep reaching that far.


While I’ve expressed before my opinions on how I liked that Neal died a hero, and I can understand the reasoning behind it and get behind that aspect of it, I do have a lot of major problems with his death.

The fact that he died trying to do the right thing, while the “villains” always seem to get their second chances, is one of them. Below the cut is a very long post expressing my feelings on the subject.

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Why Neal Had to Die


Because if you want to stop talking about a crime, you have three options: address the crime, kill the villain, or kill the victim.

On Once Upon a Time the choice has clearly been made some time ago to move Hook into the role of hero (or some poorly-understood definition of anti-hero).

If you…