"There's not a day that goes by I don't regret having left you."




okay here’s the thing. i don’t have a problem with a show portraying characters that fuck up. i don’t have a problems with a show portraying a character that’s violent, or lacks remorse, or is vengeful. i don’t have a problem with redemption arcs of those characters. those can be good, wonderful,…






Holy crap…

Holy shit!

OUAT’s casting department has to have a cloning lab in their basement. 

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ABC television is getting a new president next year, a guy named Ben Sherwood, who is also a published novelist. He is spending this year shadowing the current president and learning the job. Considering this guy is not only a businessman but a storyteller himself, I'm praying he lays the smackdown on A&E big time for turning a onetime ratings powerhouse into a sloppy, expensive fanfic mess that loses viewers every week.


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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I'm sorry but excuse me. Have haters like you considered that the directors asked jmo to switch the ring to a different finger? In front of the fans? And maybe special effects will be doing something special to jmos dress during post production? Haters like you make me sick.



Thank you anon, I really needed that laugh. Nothing like a good pile of conentrated stupidity to brighten my day!

But be careful please, you’re gonna lose an arm if you keep reaching that far.


While I’ve expressed before my opinions on how I liked that Neal died a hero, and I can understand the reasoning behind it and get behind that aspect of it, I do have a lot of major problems with his death.

The fact that he died trying to do the right thing, while the “villains” always seem to get their second chances, is one of them. Below the cut is a very long post expressing my feelings on the subject.

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Why Neal Had to Die


Because if you want to stop talking about a crime, you have three options: address the crime, kill the villain, or kill the victim.

On Once Upon a Time the choice has clearly been made some time ago to move Hook into the role of hero (or some poorly-understood definition of anti-hero).

If you…

Friendly reminder


"You’re my happy ending." Rumple to Neal

Friendly reminder that Rumple will never get his happy ending with his beautiful boy. In the end, it was all for nothing. 300 years later, he still buried his child.


OUAT: Fathers Don’t Matter


So, the other day I was looking through the tweets Adam was receiving, and one of them made me revise my “Things I Learned” list. And that’s fathers. This viewer remarked, unhappily, that as a man who grew up without a father, the show is sending a very bad (and repetitive) message. Fathers don’t matter. And looking at all of the characters on the show, that does seem to be the theme. Father’s don’t matter — or they’re useless fuck-ups — or they’re just arbitrarily dead. Not that mothers get it great, dropping like flies as they seem to, but here’s a list of all the characters and what their dads did (or didn’t do) in alphabetical order. If I’ve left anyone out, please feel free to add them in!

Abigail: You know your father really cares when he accidentally turns your true love to gold and then, instead of trying to find a way to save the guy, marries you off to the son of a bankrupt king — the son who, apart from his dragon-slaying skills, is known to be a reckless rake.

Anton: Apparently, his dad is dead. And before he died, he didn’t teach his older sons that bullying is not cool. Also, it’s probably not far-fetched to think the guy got offed in a deal with the Blue Fairy that got her those magic beans.

Ariel: Did her father not care that she was rendered mute? Someone apparently taught her how to walk on those rare occasions and how human anatomy works… but nothing about a salad fork? And not to trust strange tentacled women? Or stalk strange human men? Maybe the real Ursula killed the guy….

Aurora: So… did Maleficent kill her dad or what? Otherwise, the guy did not try very hard to find his daughter’s true love to wake her up. I’m gonna go with dead and irrelevant on this one.

Baelfire/Neal Cassidy: Rumplestiltksin was a coward who let his childhood fears control his life leading to abandoning his son. Also trying to kill his grandson didn’t help. Plus, the whole creating a curse that destroyed thousands of lives thing.

Belle: Before Mr. French had his daughter kidnapped to have her memories erased, he had her betrothed to a moron and made a deal with Rumplestiltksin that led to Belle being bartered to the Dark One… and then he blames Belle for ending up in the love with the guy!

Cora: While Cora was probably a sociopath from birth, it didn’t help that her father was a drunk loser who made her do all the work.

David: His nameless father made a deal with Rumplestiltksin that separated his sons, leading David to become a pawn in a game of power and magic. Then he died and seems to be utterly unimportant.

Ella: Married a cruel bitch with cruel daughters and then died.

Emma Swan: David himself admits to being a failure. He trusted the Blue Fairy, who lied to him and his wife and as a result, Emma grew up alone and unloved. Add in the Zelena mess, and David is far from the sharpest sword in the armory.

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Please stop confusing the CHARACTER of Baelfire/Neal for a ship.

My grief over 3x15 is not about a *ship*. (via nettlestonenell)


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Disclaimer: I am not a writer, nor am I an English professor. I really never write anything… so all you folks with big vocabularies and beautiful words– be easy on it ;) I make things with my hands, not my mind.

With that said.. with the talk of fan fic and the fact that I can’t focus for…

Can someone explain how this makes sense?



Sorry, I’ve been spamming. I have a lot of thoughts.

So, Adam & Eddy said they made the decision to kill Neal at the beginning of season 3 right? So…you’re them. You’re talking over the plot for the season and you’re like “Hey, so Neal’s dead..”

"Well, everyone just thinks he’s dead."


Guys, the reason why you fail to find an explanation that makes sense it that THERE IS NO EXPLANATION. No matter what they have to say to the press, either MRJ wanted out or the writers/production wanted him out. That is the only thing that puts everything in the right perspective - the terrible writing, the nonsense character arc, the redundancy, the absence of any kind of resolution. 

And there is another reason why I believe in what I’m saying. IF they were planning to kill him from the beginning of season 3, then why, WHY make him a series regular at the same time??

Once Upon a Time's Michael Raymond-James Hails 'Bold' Twist -- Plus: Burning Qs Answered!






SOOOO basically let me get this straight:

1. Have your mother abandoned you for a pirates life without saying goodbye
2. Then your dad abandons you by choosing magic over you and leaving you alone to fend on the streets
3. Then you sacrifice your life for an entire families because “it’s the right thing”
4. Then you meet the pirate that your mom abandoned you for and he sells you out to a psychopath with a god-complex (peter pan) just because you figured out he wants to use you to kill your father
5. then you spend god knows how many years STUCK IN A CAVE on an island you can’t get off of
6. then when you finally get off the island, you meet the girl you love and want to marry, only to be told you have to sacrifice that, too because she’s the “savior” and she needs to get back to her family and you do it because you love her and you know that she always wanted a family and so did you but at least for hers its possible so you let her go
7. when you finally move on from that heartbreak you find a girl who you think actually is in love with you and you open yourself up to it finally
8. then later the girl you’ve been in love with for years finds you and you find out that 1a. your dad cursed AN ENTIRE KINGDOM to find you again and 2a. you have a son with her you never knew about.
9. You take the time to apologize to her. For everything. And admit that you were wrong for leaving her before. She accepts it and finally things start looking up.
10. You find out that the woman you’re engaged to was lying to you the entirety of your relationship and never loved you. Then she shoots you.
11. Not only do you give up being with the woman you’re actually suppose to be with but you sacrifice a life together with her and your son because you know your son needs her so you sacrifice your life (again) for the sake of someone else.
11. except jk you’re still alive and your family is grieving you and now you do everything you can to get back to your family to tell them you’re not really dead.
12. except when you do you find out the pirate who screwed your mom and gave you up to a psychopath now wants to get in bed with the woman you love.
13. but you tell her that because you care about your family that making sure your son is okay is the most important thing not a love triangle.
14. Then as soon as you get your son back, reconcile with your father and finally get a chance at healing wounds between you and the woman you love, your father dies and sacrifices himself FOR YOUR HAPPY ENDING.
15. Except then you get separated from your kid and woman you love. Again. And can never see them again. Ever. Oh and they also won’t remember anything about you except the bad parts. But you promise you’ll see them again because “it’s not over”
16. Then you get exactly one episode in which you don’t even get to SEE your son and because you care about the woman you loves happiness more than your own you tell her that you’ll be happy as long as she is despite not being with you and then the writers decide “eh, to hell with second chances and happy endings” and kill you off. AGAIN. But hey, at least you got to say goodbye to your dad.

Yeah. Great writing. A+ skills. If you honestly think this was a respectful way to send off Neal, you’re kidding yourself. I didn’t care whether he ended up with Emma or not (though it was clear he loved her) but the death was not only rushed but did not do his characters justice. Basically a show about family, hope, second chances and true love = “sacrifice everything for your whole life and then die alone without your happy ending because eh life sucks and then you die”. I won’t be watching the show anymore. It’s gone downhill from S3 but this was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

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I couldn’t have said it better, Kelsi.


This list (an IMPORTANT list) obviously NEVER MADE IT ONTO THEIR FRIKKIN STOOPID writer’s whiteboard.


Yeah, and when it was mentioned that Nealfire had sacrificed plenty in the show previously, since a kid, Adam simply responded that that was our interpretation of it.

Things I Learned From OUAT (a show about family, love, and hope)




1) Family isn’t family unless your mother is your niece, your grandmother is your sister, your other mother is your great grandmother, your paternal grandfather had a kinky affair with your maternal great-great grandmother/grandmother, your aspiring step-dad is also your…

I don’t even think I can bare to watch S1 because I don’t believe in its message anymore….


Really that’s almost the worst part,by killing Neal off they’ve ruined the first season for me. I mean how can I ever watch Desperate Souls again KNOWING how the precious baby’s life ends. How can I believe in second chances for anyone when that only counts for murders. How I can believe the writing will get better when the only emotionally well developed relationships where consequences matter, people talked about the past, and love was constant but maybe not enough, were Neal between and other people. When I say the past is brought up I mean literally anything that happened more than an 3 episodes ago that’s how bad the writing/continuity is getting when it comes to relationships on this show. The only hope I had for good continuity on this show really started and ended with Neal. (Maybe excluding the relationship between Emma and her parents)