"There's not a day that goes by I don't regret having left you."



FireThieves, Season 4A

It’s just a photo."
“Don’t be mad Neal isn’t in it. U R SO IMMATURE GOSH”
“WELL obs this proves Neal isn’t popular duhh.”
“See, he’s totally gonna die because he isn’t in the poster.”
“Can’t believe SFers are so angry. Must all be 12.

CSers, Season 3b

Anonymous asked
The whole plot behind the new episode (Emma comforting Regina, avoiding Hook etc) just seems really immature. But then all the relationships are the same. It's like high school in storybrooke. That's one reason I stopped watching.


This is absolutely a bad teenage show who tricked us into thinking it was about adults at the beginning.

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My biggest problem with CS is how the shippers refuse to acknowledge Hooks flaws or the shortcomings of their ship. I'm no Emma shipper, so I don't care with who she ends up with, but it disturbs me how CS'ers ignore Hooks dark side & how unhealthy CS is. Rumbellers atleast acknowledge the shortcomings of their ship & admit that Rumple is no saint. Still they accept him for who he is, but CS'ers don't accept Hook the way he is, thats why they ignore his flaws and act like he is a hero

Every Swan Thiefer after seeing Emma’s necklace:




Not me. I rolled my eyes and thought, “The SwanThief/Fire-hating, CaptainSwan-loving dipshits at ABC Publicity who airbrushed Neal out of the Season 3 promo cast shot for the post-finale stick-around-for-Season 4 poster only used the keychain (that they surely don’t even know what it symbolizes or they wouldn’t have used it) because Emma has no other personal token to freeze-over in Disney’s climate-reversal scorched-earth Frozen campaign.”

Oh, to be so naive again.


girlhitscar asked
Headcanon: Past Hook (who still wants to revenge Rumple) hostaged the present Hook. Take his place by changing clothes and pretends to be the present Hook towards Emma. Only so he could go back with Emma to the present days in StoryBrooke to revenge Rumple. He would be the new villain of S4.


If only, if only…



They keep saying things like “We love(d) Neal.” “We love(d) MRJ” If you love(d) him so damn much why did you kill him? And how come it took so long to be totally clear? I still say nothing about this makes sense. Not on the show and not behind the scenes.

Also if I see them say one more time…

Hold the phone, I just realized something...


I saw an interview before Season 3 first aired, with MJR talking about where his character was going this season.

MJR talked about how when A&E first sat down with him they outlined Neal/Baelfire’s entire arc for Season 2. They told him exactly how it would play out. But in Season 3 he didn’t…



okay here’s the thing. i don’t have a problem with a show portraying characters that fuck up. i don’t have a problems with a show portraying a character that’s violent, or lacks remorse, or is vengeful. i don’t have a problem with redemption arcs of those characters. those can be good, wonderful,…